Supporting Artists

Your Background, Your Way

Our base are the heartbeat of our business. Their reliability, work ethic, energy and organisation are essential for a productive day on set. Our reputation with clients is built upon the work that our base do and we are extremely proud of the people that we represent. 


We believe En Masse Supporting Artists are the best in the business (we may be slightly biased!) and we love meeting and adding new faces to our team. While there are no specific skills required to join our books, we do feel it is important to point out that not everyone is able to sustain the requirements. 

Being part of the latest blockbuster is of course exciting but expectations must be balanced with some realities…Supporting Artists work long days (usually 12 hours) and can be out in all weathers. There is often a lot of waiting around on set and filming multiple takes requires patience and concentration. 

Join The Masse

En Masse Background Talent

Did you grow up dreaming of being in the movies or on TV? 


With so many diverse opportunities from Film to TV, Advertising to Corporate promotional work, being a Background Artist can be an interesting and enjoyable way to add to your income. 


Joining En Masse Background Talent is FREE and we will only take a fee (20% which is below industry standard) when we find you work. 


You can do so in just minutes by registering here